The Divorced Man and The Knife

Many years ago, when I first got divorced, I moved into my own little apartment. I took all of the things from the house that were mine and then a few household items that I would need to survive. I only took a few because I knew I wouldn’t need much and the ex would have more use for them since she also had the children. I took necessary bathroom essentials like towels and washcloths. I made sure the bed would be good with the needed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. I also made sure I stocked the kitchen with the necessities. I had a few plates, cups, and glasses. I had forks and spoons. I also had the knife. That is right, the knife. One knife. It was my favorite steak knife. It was my one knife

I used that knife all the time. What choice did I have since it was my one knife?

I am a huge fan of mashed potatoes. Whenever I made mashed potatoes I used the knife to peel the potatoes as if it were a paring knife. It did the job albeit with some waste of potato since it had a tendency to take out large chunks.

One of my favorite pastimes used to be fishing. I remember a particularly successful day on the lake that netted 2 nice size Walleye for dinner. I got home and began cleaning and filleting the fish. Once again I had to use my knife. The dinner tasted great. The taste was not at all affected by the fact that it looked hacked up and had chunks missing. I just took off the burned parts where it was cut too thin to cook properly. It probably would have looked nicer and would not have had the burned spots had I used a filet knife.

My children used to like roasted chicken for Sunday dinner when they were over. I would get a nice 6 or 7-pound, chicken and roast it to a delicious golden brown. When it was time to prepare the plates I would take my knife and carve the pieces of chicken. There were times the pieces looked carved and times they looked shredded. An investment in a carving knife might not have been a bad idea.

This use of the knife continued like this for quite some time. There were destroyed grapefruits and mashed up cheese. How about the packages that came from the post office that needed to be opened? That’s right it was the knife. Yes, I even used my knife to cut my steaks (that was its original purpose).The last time I used it on a steak, I thought the steak was bad because it was so difficult to cut. It wasn’t the steak, it was my dull miss-used knife.

It was a slightly snowy and cold Christmas morning in the early 1990’s. The package was wrapped very nicely. My sister handed the package to me so I could open it. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a set, a very large set of knives! The knife would now be retired.

The new set of knives was amazing. It had a chef’s knife, 2 utility knives, a bread knife and carving knife. There were 8 steak knives, a grapefruit knife, paring knife, and cheese knife. To my amazement, there was even a boning knife and a filet knife.

From that day forward I have always used the proper knife for the proper purpose in the kitchen. The work is much easier and the presentation so much more eye pleasing when you use the proper knife. I also made sure that whenever one of my children moved out on their own, I bought them a nice set of knives. I give them as wedding presents or housewarming gifts. I know firsthand what a wonderful experience it is using well-made knives.

I do not know whatever happened to the knife but, never again will I have only one knife.

Next time I will tell you about the shot glass. Who am I kidding? I was a bachelor. I had about 18 of those.

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